Amazon Kindle has a major contribution in transforming the world of book reading. There are more than a dozen Kindle models available on the market. Kindle has reached the pinnacle of the e-reader market, and there seems to be no other brand that could displace Kindle from its numero uno position. There are many features in Kindle, which make it so popular among the avid readers. Amazon has one of the largest repertoire of eBooks, which lure passionate readers to come and buy different models of Kindle.

With every passing year, the technology in Kindle devices is getting better and better. Unlike tablets, Kindle has a lot to offer to the people. There are many features in the Kindle, which are not present in normal tablets. For readers, the Kindle is a complete electronic device because this device allows them to read their favorite books anywhere, anytime without any interruption. The battery backup of Kindle devices is longer than any other tablet device.

Moreover, the features like brightness adjustment, tapping on the word to know the meaning and Kindle account are some of the highlights in the device. When it comes to the technical aspects of the device, Kindle is almost flawless in terms of usage, yet there are certain issues that could arrive in the Kindle devices either due to manufacturing defects or any change in the settings. But, that’s where the role of an efficient Amazon Kindle help and support comes into play.

How to register Kindle?

In order to purchase and download content, you will have to connect Kindle to WiFi and then, register your Kindle to Amazon account. Registering your Kindle will also pave the way for you to download compatible purchases from other devices that are registered to the same account.

Note: In case, someone has gifted Amazon Kindle to you, then you will have to deregister Kindle before you could register it to your own Amazon account.

In order to perform Amazon register Kindle, follow below-mentioned steps:

  1. From ‘Home’, tap ‘Menu’ icon followed by tapping ‘Settings’.
  2. Tap ‘My Account’.
  3. Select the Amazon account that you wish to use on your Kindle device.
    1. If you have an active Amazon Account already: Tap this particular option while setting up your Kindle and then, enter your Amazon account information. Your name is going to appear as a registered user when the registration is complete. In case, it doesn’t appear, then you need to call at Kindle Fire customer service number.
    2. If you don’t have an active Amazon account: Tap this particular option and then, follow the instructions that you see on the screen to set up a new Amazon account in order to Amazon register device.

Deregister Amazon Kindle

You can easily deregister your Amazon Kindle from your Amazon account on your Kindle eReader or from your computer. If you come across any problem while deregistering your Kindle, then log onto www Amazon com Device support.

Important: Once you have deregistered your Kindle device, the device is going to be deregistered from your Amazon account. It won’t be possible for you to access items that are stored in your content library.

In order to deregister your Kindle, it is important that the device is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

  1. From ‘Home’, tap ‘Menu’ icon followed by tapping ‘Settings’.
  2. Tap ‘My Account’.
  3. Tap ‘Deregister Device’ followed by tapping ‘Deregister’ again in order to confirm the same. Once you have deregistered, you can easily register your Kindle to another Amazon account. Call at Kindle Fire tech support phone number if you are not able to do so.

Note: It is possible for you to deregister your Kindle from Manage your Kindle content and Devices.

How to Register Kindle Fire?

Registering your Kindle Fire to your Amazon account will help you buy and deliver Kindle content to your Kindle Fire. Follow below-mentioned instructions to find the right process of registering and setting up Kindle Fire (2nd Generation), Kindle Fire HD 7 inches (2nd Generation) and Kindle Fire HD 8.9 inches (2nd Generation).

It is important for you to make your Kindle Fire connect to WiFi in order to properly register the device. With the registration process, you will be able to transfer purchases between devices and Kindle reading apps.

Here is how you can register your Kindle Fire:

  1. From ‘Home screen’ of the device, swipe down from the top of the screen followed by tapping ‘More’.
  2. Tap ‘My Account’.
  3. Tap ‘Register’.
    1. If you have an active Amazon Account already: Click this option followed by entering your Amazon account information.
    2. If you don’t have an active Amazon account: Click this option followed by tapping ‘Create Account’ to set up a new account.

If you wish to deregister your Kindle Fire from your Amazon account, then you can follow the same process as discussed above followed by tapping ‘Deregister’. Once you deregister your Kindle Fire from Amazon account, it won’t be possible for you to access items that you’ve previously downloaded through other devices and Kindle reading app or the items that are stored in the cloud. If you can’t find the items in the cloud service, then take Kindle Fire support.

How to update Kindle Fire and Kindle payment settings?

Within ‘Manage Kindle content and Devices’ option, you can easily view or edit your 1-click payment method from the settings tab.

Here is how you can view or edit your 1-click payment method:

  1. On your Kindle device, go to ‘Manage your content and devices’ option.
  2. Select ‘Edit Payment Method’ from ‘settings’, which you can find right below the ‘Digital Payment Settings’.
  3. Choose the desired credit card info or add a new card followed by clicking ‘Continue’.
  4. Enter the right billing address followed by clicking ‘Continue’. Now, you are going to be directed to the ‘Digital payment Settings’ page where you will be able to view your edited 1-click payment method.

Manage Your Kindle

If you are looking for the right solutions to the question of how to manage my Kindle, then the below-mentioned steps will help you do just that. Managing your Kindle device will help you manage your Fire tablet remotely, thus letting you find the device when it is lost or misplaced.

Turning on the option of ‘Manage Your Device’

Prior to using ‘Manage your Device’ remotely, you need to make sure that the same feature is enabled on your device.

How to turn on ‘Manage your Device’ option in Kindle

Enabling the option on ‘Kindle Fire tablets’:

  1. Swipe down from the left of the screen in order to open ‘Quick Settings’ followed by tapping ‘Settings’.
  2. Tap ‘Device/Device Options’.
  3. Turn on ‘Find Your Tablet/Find My Kindle’ option.

Note: You must turn on location-based services so that this feature can appear in the settings menu of your Kindle device. If you have no idea as to where to turn on the location-based service, then take Kindle Fire help from experts.

Features of ‘Manage Your Device’ option:

If you have misplaced your Kindle or lost it somewhere, then you can locate, erase or deregister your device from Manage Your Content and Devices.

  1. Go to ‘Manage your Content and Devices’.
  2. Select your device that supports ‘Manage Your Device’ under the heading ‘Your Devices’.
  3. Select your option from the available actions corresponding to the device.           
    1. Deregister: Choosing this option will deregister your Kindle from Amazon Kindle account. Deregistering a device will bar you from accessing your content through any of the Amazon applications on your Kindle device. You won’t be able to make any purchase through your Amazon account on that particular device. But, your personal data is going to remain on the device.

Tip: Deregister is an option that is widely used by those customers who want to switch Amazon accounts on a Kindle device within a household. If the motive is to sell the Kindle device, then deregistering will not be the right option, but performing a factory reset is. Doing a factory reset will ensure that all the personal information is removed from the device.

  1. Remote Alarm: You can activate the alarm on your Kindle tablet. If your Kindle can be reached, then an alarm would play on the Kindle device for a couple of minutes or until the alarm is dismissed. 
  2. Find Your Phone: You can easily locate an approximate location on the map developed in Manage Your Content and Devices. In case, the Kindle device can’t be reached immediately, then you can send a request at Amazon to keep trying to reach the device after a certain period of time for the next three days. You are going to receive a status email from Amazon if they are able to locate your Kindle or even if they weren’t successful. Just go to Amazon com device support to send a request.

Important: In ‘Find your Phone’ feature, there are maps and location information gathered from the device that is being hunted down, but that information may be inaccurate or unavailable depending on certain factors such as, the type of wireless connectivity supported by Kindle, i.e., Wi-Fi + 4G/LTE, Wi-Fi only or GPS. The feature named ‘Find your Phone’ is not fully reliable where the precise location information is to be found.

  1. Reset Factory Reset: Choosing this option will delete everything. The device’s settings will be back to where they were at the time of getting out of the manufacturing unit. If your Kindle can’t be reached immediately, then you can request Amazon to keep a track of the device for the next three days. If they are able to locate your device, then you will receive a status email from the company notifying you regarding the exact location of your device. If Amazon is unable to locate your Kindle, even then, you will be notified via email. If you don’t get a notification, then call at Amazon Kindle customer service phone number.

Note: If you perform a factory reset, then all your personal information will be removed. Besides personal information, all the downloaded content and Amazon account information from the device will also be removed. Your Kindle device will not be available on your ‘Manage your Content and Devices’ page. Any content that you’ve bought from Amazon is going to be saved on the Cloud automatically, which you can download to other devices registered to the same Amazon account. If you can’t download your personal data, then call at Kindle customer service number. Just enter Amazon Kindle login details to get into the account and access that information. Remote factory reset is a process that once started can’t be stopped.

Kindle being an electronic device invites a host of issues. Sometimes, the issues could arise due to hardware glitches and at other times, the issues befalling Kindle are because of man-made errors. Let’s delve into some of the most common issues in Kindle that could halt its functioning.

Issues for which you will be requiring Amazon Kindle support:

  1. Unable to connect Kindle to Wi-Fi.
  2. Kindle has become unresponsive.
  3. Can’t connect Kindle to a computer or laptop.
  4. Unable to perform Kindle repair after it has malfunctioned.
  5. Can’t locate eBooks on Kindle.
  6. Problems in transferring eBooks, audio and video files from Kindle to other devices.
  7. Kindle app for Windows not working.
  8. Kindle Frozen problem.
  9. Unable to perform a Kindle update despite being connected to a working internet connection.
  10. Can’t update Kindle Fire.
  11. Can’t add eBooks in other languages.
  12. Unable to change Kindle format despite changing all the necessary settings.
  13. Kindle not charging properly or battery error.
  14. Backlight not working properly in Kindle Voyage.
  15. Unable to transfer eBooks from old Kindle to a new one.
  16. Kindle Paperwhite frozen issue.
  17. Unable to perform Amazon Kindle update on Kindle Fire HD.
  18. Can’t access ‘Manage my Kindle’ option on Kindle.
  19. Certain pages are opening slowly and causing Kindle to freeze.
  20. Amazon Kindle has ceased to work after receiving OS Kindle upgrade
  21. Kindle screen frozen.
  22. Can’t perform Kindle setup because of Kindle Fire error code 13.
  23. Can’t receive Kindle Paperwhite update files despite having a good internet connection.
  24. Unable to access Amazon Kindle account create page.
  25. Kindle lost or misplaced.
  26. Kindle not opening eBooks in EPUB, PDF and MOBI format.

Kindle Help Desk: One Place To Solve All Kindle Problems!

Kindle Support ensures a comprehensive assistance for all the Kindle devices. It is better to take Kindle help from those who are technically sound and vastly experienced to handle all the issues that halt the reading process of the avid readers in Kindle.

Kindle customer service is apt in providing assistance for the latest Kindle models. Though the Kindle is a simplified device with hardly any technical glitches, sometimes, problems do occur since it is an electronic device.

Restore the functionality of your Kindle tablet at Amazon Device Support

Call at Amazon Kindle customer service phone number to resolve all the issues in Kindle, from simple hardware issues to the complicated software issues. There isn’t any Amazon Kindle help and support that offers such a versatile assistance for all the Kindle models that you can get from Kindle helpline. The most common issues with Kindle are; the inability of the device to connect to Wi-Fi network, frozen screen, unable to download books, videos, music, and applications. But, there is nothing to worry when Kindle technical support is around the corner. A support providing company that is well- aware of the latest technology that is used in Kindle devices, plus we have highly capable technical support providers who could handle any issue with utmost precision.